About the Author

Dr. Fr. Daniel JP Imperato GC. K.M. S.S.P. G.M. G.P. +OB came from a very humble catholic family in Boston massachusetts. His father was a railroad worker and boxer, and mother a homemaker. Born in 1958, Daniel became an outstanding hockey player and claimed his strength and endurance came for sports, especially hockey. Daniel’s family originated in Italy from mother, father, and Lithuania from his father’s mother, who was an alderwoman. In Italy, back in 450 A.D., his ancestors were Umbertino and Giovani a politician and a priest.

Daniel started his career very early as a cook in a breakfast place at age 13. He became an excellent businessperson and traveled millions of miles learning the world and the people’s cultural customs, and languages by meeting with business religious and political leaders. The name Imperato means ‘learned’ and is the name given to the Roman emperor for the entire Roman Empire. The Imperato is of Rome like Caesar. Daniel worked feverously to bring back his family name from the days of his family migrating to the U.S.A. as immigrants and leaving behind the royalty fame and name recognition of leadership in Rome.

Imperato advised many global companies and assisted with their projects worldwide, including his global fiber Coptic cable company and today’s www.aliveadvisorcom – The global advisory platform supporting companies today worldwide as well as spreading the gospel and political message of hope and independence.

Daniel was knighted by Pope John Paul II merited by his integrity and knowledge of the world as well as his steadfast commitment to God and His catholic church. The Holy See secretary of state appoints of S.S.P. came caused by Imperato restored his family name and recognition of a name of leadership and integrity worldwide.
The appoint of grand cross of the Coptic order of the knights of Malta came from Michaela Vonharpsburg in Austria based on his humanitarian and religious acumens in helping others worldwide and all walks of like.
Imperato was selected and appointed the general prorate of the sovereign order of Bonaire, which began in Latakia Syria. Daniel is the grand before the sovereign order in the U.S.A. and Canada, and his rule is separated from all other worldwide. While Daniel knighthoods and uniforms set him apart in his class and restore dignity and his family royalty from the Roman Empire days, he is a very humble honorable man of GOD who cares for all.

The GOD ministries anointed Daniel with honorary doctorates in foreign affairs, international business, interreligious dialog, and humanities as well as honorary dean. Daniel stepped out in faith and reached for the highest achievement in 2008 when he ran for president of these United States of America as an independent candidate to carry Ross Perot’s torch.