Independent America’s Political Mafia  and Judicial Tyranny Daniel 2020

The book, Independent America’s Political Mafia and Judicial Tyranny is a short intro biography of the author, Dr. Daniel J.P. Imperato Fr.K. M. K. S. S. P.GM + OB. The basis of the book is how an ordinary citizen such as Dr. Daniel J.P. Imperato Fr.K. M. K. S. S. P.GM + OB brings up one of the most commonly faced as well as ignored problems happening in the nation of the United States of America. As we all head into another year, Dr. Daniel J.P. Imperato Fr.K. M. K. S. S. P.GM + OB wants to document all that he is about to run for the presidency against a formidable opponent. There is a seesaw game being played when it comes to independent political, constitutional, and biblical rights in the United States of America. The book will begin to list and describe all the significant events that the author experienced, such as court jurisdictions to the Supreme Court and Family Court, as well as the rise of being a public figure through powerful words. The book will also highlight issues like administrative law weaponizing the administrations’ use and abuse of power and discretion to destroy lives for political gain. Other matters include internet use as a weapon, tyranny denial of constitutional rights, citizens’ rights under the law, the foreign affairs of the country, and the 2020 elections. The author will also talk about how he experienced all those things, and what his next step will be.