Commendable Experiences

Dr. Imperato has spent his life understanding the people and personalities around the world and their customs and cultures. He has established a world-class of personal representatives around the world. His knowledge of the world and its ways are invaluable and will pay for itself many times over short-cutting the globe’s learning curve and access to the global business world. Dr. Imperato’s senior strategic thinking and advisory roles will pay for them self-increases revenues and market capitalizations.

Dr. Imperato’s achievements far surpass most. He will use those skills and experiences for any proper situation where he can add value and contribute back to the business, religious, or political world. He is an independent political mined

person and a humanitarian at heart. His philosophy and training under biblical guidelines are a significant contribution added to his impeccable experiences concerning fairness doctrines and righteousness.

Dr. Imperato can identify value and roll up assets from comprehensively. He has financial experience with insurance, Bonds, and Financing offerings for global capital markets. It gives him incredible insights into the rules regulations and the responsibilities of running a worldwide company and reporting requirements. Dr. Imperato has introduced wealthy nationals to rich and well-established foreigners worldwide.

His skills and Rolodex are the best, and very few could compare with his experience worldwide. Dr. Imperato has worldwide relations from the people to His Holiness, from the priest to the politicians, presidents to the ambassadors, whether business, religious or political bar none. Dr. Imperato world-class relations bring vast invaluable experience and abilities to catapult a company ready for the worldwide marketplace, with expertise in government certifications to agents worldwide.

Dr. Imperato built a worldwide presence for watch the clock and jewelry manufacturing company he was the owner in Brussels Belgium, Basel Swiss, Vicenza Italy, and Thailand. Dr. Imperato founded one of the first direct marketing companies and home-based businesses.

Artificial Intelligence Cybersecurity Solutions

Daniel Imperato, until the present, has been involved in building out platforms adaptable to today’s artificial intelligence, blockchain, analytics, and cloud-based services and aids. Daniel Imperato has been on the ground floor of these new technologies aids, including compliance with GDPR and other regulatory issues such an anti-trust and unfair competition. Daniel Imperato has a leadership knowledge of these new technologic artificial intelligence capabilities for banking, farming, and cybersecurity, including crypto, coins, and ledger.

Daniel Imperato’s experience of 40 years in infrastructure has lent itself to the specific needs of cybersecurity and the construction of cybersecurity building networks and smart cities integrated into the security of the government. It also concerns the military applications encryption grade codes and military suppliers of aircraft ships etc. including radar surveillance and over all-fiber, optic cloud-based wireless end to end-secure platforms.

Daniel Imperato’s leadership in this area is not easily matched, and his unique hands-on experience and knowledge of these issues globally lend itself to licensing and collaborating and bidding on projects worldwide, both government and private sectors. Including an adaptation of projects to guidelines for the World Bank funding, a development bank funding, and sovereign right funding.


Dr. Imperato was responsible for the start-up, planning, and designing of a 5 BB worldwide fiber optic subsea cable system, setting up offices in several countries worldwide with staff and being effective negotiation for landing parties, backhauls, and telecom, infrastructure partners in over 70 countries worldwide. He targeted billions of dollars of equity in concert with the bank America as lead advisor. He and helped to build a consortium of vendors and financiers worldwide, both private, government, and a syndicate of banks globally. It involved him in some first technologies with deployment worldwide and videoconferencing and pre-paid services, affinity cards, calling cards, credit and debit cards, and more.

Imperato has advised on developing real estate around the globe. Projects are ranging from commercial office buildings, educational and medical facilities, sports arenas, entertainment, raceways, hotels, golf course venues to regional shopping malls, residential land planning and development to marketing and sales. Dr. Imperato was owner and advisor to several infrastructure projects spanning the globe. Mining in Bolivia, Deepwater wells Africa, Drilling in Sinai, Shopping center development and entertainment worldwide, Water desalination and bottled water and hydro systems, High-speed rail worldwide, Higher speed ferry systems, Mediterranean, America’s Shipbuilding, USA, Greece, Russia and Diamond mining, Congo. Dr. Imperato was an advisor to governments’ infrastructure concerning passports, national ID and border control, and laminate and money printing in Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Germany, and Saudi Arabia.

Dr. Imperato builds one of the first leader’s internet search engine technologies, conferencing and shopping and shipping platforms and internet press distribution and reciprocal links worldwide. Dr. Imperato has Latin central and South American banks reconstruction IDB, World Bank, European Union bank EUB, and European bank of reconstruction experience EBRD, and Vatican city-state affairs and European and Japanese standards and ratings for product approvals.


A Saudi Royal family member mandated Dr. Imperato. He was responsible for identifying global business opportunities with full authorities and engagement power for HIS HIGHNESS. He has consulted for Fortune 500 corporations and others, with a mix of product lines, comprising telecommunications products, services, equipment including v-sat terminals, and handheld mobile satellite telephones, along with passport and identification cards services and secure documents for foreign governments around the world. Transportation, fusion power, hydro and high-speed rail, waste, recycling, farming, electricity, cabling, automotive, bottling, branding, packaging, SEO, search engine and social media, Medical equipment’s, apparel, shoes, accessories, perfumes, leather goods manufacturing, oil, and gas deep water, shallow and relinquished wells, finance and infrastructure, roadways, bridges, buildings DIR processes, and insurance Wraps, completion, and surety bonding were also part of the list.

Dr. Imperato has in-depth knowledge of the airline industry, leasing, terminal rights, and access, and has been involved with airport development and duty-free shopping. Dr. Imperato, at a young age, was an auctioneer and appraiser, and insurance sales representative and commodities broker. Dr. Imperato sold automobiles and started his first business venture in Italy and Israel manufacturing jewelry, watches, leather goods, and perfumes. It trained him as an auctioneer and appraiser for the Boston redevelopment authority and HJ Gray liquidators and auctioneers.

Licensing and Strategic Partnering

Dr. Imperato brings over thirty years of experience in negotiating agreements for global distribution, joint venture manufacturing, and retailing. He has a network of his worldwide relationships comprising nonprofessionals, politicians, and major financial players in local, effectuating national and global economies.

Film & TV

Dr. Imperato has experience in film and entertainment both as executive director, and a theme park devolvement and concept design. He also has written scripts and understands product placement and Hollywood to Bollywood as a whole.


Dr. Imperato is a strategic thinker and expert global affairs strategist, and a professional and public speaker trained by a Zig Ziegler support team. Dr. Imperato’s ability to adapt to the corporate speaker and increase shareholder and product awareness is an exceptional talent he brings to the table and on the circuit for public relations. He has no fear of large audiences and direct questioning with no pre-form.


Dr. Imperato has great hands-on abilities and training with global business, religious, and humanitarian matters. As an honorary appointed doctorate in foreign affairs, inter-religious dialog and humanities set the stage. He was a former Latin African Christian association chaplain, NYC regional police chaplain, and an appointed friar. Dr. Imperato worked with the Japanese and their government identifying and building Japanese cross-cultural schools and worked with the major players in China, Singapore, and Southeast Asia. Dr. Imperato was very involved with middle east business and politics, and EU, Asia, SA, central and Latin America, Africa, Russia, Japan, Singapore, Brazil, Argentina, and China.

Dr. Imperato developed business partners all over south-central and Latin America. As a responsible citizen and a Papal Knight with honors from the Vatican. Daniel Imperato has done many things to help aid and better our country and the world. Being an influential activist for Africa, Daniel has selflessly dedicated his time to the African Center Foundation, a United Nations NGO (Non-Governmental Organization), where he served as a trustee. Daniel continues to help others in need every chance he is required or appointed too.


Dr. Imperato was a Presidential Hopeful for the 2008 Presidential Election and gubernatorial 2010 candidate of Florida. He was considered for the 2016 presidential race and senatorial run. Dr. Imperato’s political experience with running campaigns, strategies, compliances and groundwork, and ballot access and strategic political thinking are far beyond most.

Dr. Imperato was the grand prorate of the USA and Canada, as well as a Knight of the Order and Minister of Common Treasury and Foreign Affairs UN representative. Dr. Imperato has been awarded honorary doctorates for his local schooling as Dr. of international affairs, inter-religious dialog, and humanities. Daniel Imperato, in 2004 was named Chairman of the NRCC (National Republican Congressional Committee) Honorary Business Council, composed of top business people from around the country.

Dr. Imperato also received the NRCC Businessman of the Year Award and was awarded a Ronald Reagan Gold Medal. Dr. Imperato has Politic lobbing experience local, national, and foreign governments for policies, license requirements, or political politician’s support. As of now, Dr. Imperato is under consideration for the 2020 presidential run.

Regulatory & law

Dr. Imperato’s knowledge of the judicial systems and the immigration processes at Federal, State, Supreme, and Foreign tribunals. His humanitarian aid procedures are commendable. His advising and assisting features children, families, visas, disaster relief, Mediator, 34 and 40 Acts, insurance law, HOA rules and laws, contract law and Constitutional Law, and US Tax Laws. Dr. Imperato’s knowledge of US Laws, Canon Laws, and The Codices of The Order of Bonaria and Vatican City State apply to the Code of Ethics in business matters understanding the customs and other aspects of doing business around the globe. He also has in-depth experience with the public markets and the mechanics of public companies having to deal with settlements with the SEC. Legally unproven accusations against him and has gotten 80 percent of charges vacated to date.

He has never been in a court of law with a trail but hurriedly denied rights when claims were filed beyond and are barred by the statutes of limitations. He has been a victim of a significant loss, and costly experience brings him priceless first-hand experience. As a responsible citizen and a Papal Knight with honors from the Vatican, Daniel Imperato has done many things to help aid and better our country and the world. Being a staunch activist for Africa, Daniel has selflessly dedicated his time to the African Center Foundation, a United Nations NGO (Non-Governmental Organization), where he served as a trustee.

Dr. Imperato was involved with World Bank funding and proposing of building on-line training schools in Africa and understands the work with world banks and International monetary fund if required. Dr. Imperato is a leader for judicial reform and fairness, preserving and protecting The Constitution of the United States of America and other global democracies’ rules and regulations.

Insurance Fidelity

Dr. Imperato has acted like a pro se litigator against the corruption of the courts and judicial tyranny when bias and prejudice appear and denial of a constitutional right for the insurance companies not to pay ligament claims. Dr. Imperato brings exceptional leadership visionary global hands-on business religious and political experience with street smarts second to none with skill sets earned over many years of hard work in the worldwide marketplace. Invaluable for any corporation needing leadership experience and primary education and knowledge of foreign affairs and working around the globe.


  • Papal Knight Vatican City State, secretary of state
  • Knight of Malta Coptic order, Grand Cross, Von Hapsburg, Austria, and Alexandria Egypt
  • Knight and Friar OrdenBonaria, Madrid Spain • Grand prior, US Canada, OrdenBonaria, USA
  • Minister common treasury, OrdenBonaria
  • United Nations representative, OrdenBonaria, NYC
  • Latin American Christian Association, NYC
  • African center foundation Hiv/aids. Board member, NYC, Lagos NIGERIA
  • New York State regional police chaplain NYC
  • Licensed real estate salesperson


  • Dean of Anointed by God Ministries University, NYC
  • Doctor of Foreign Affair
  • Doctor of Humanities
  • Doctor of Inter-religious dialog

Personal life

  • Ex semi-pro ice hockey player
  • Martial arts competitor brown belt division
  • Endurance fitness distance walking
  • Natural healing
  • Self-education & Righteousness

Dr. Imperato’s diverse mastery of an array of comprehensive knowledge with vast and extensive experience with a cross line of products and services makes him a precious asset to any organization or situation that requires expertise and skills second to none.

How Can

DR. Daniel Imperato Help You?

Daniel Imperato is better known as one of the few people that is running for President of the United States as an Independent candidate in 2020. Like many of the citizens, he felt that the country is not being served well enough. Daniel firmly believes that the declining state of political affairs won’t change unless millions of Americans take the future of their country into their hands when they go out to vote.

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