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Dr. Daniel J.P. Imperato Fr.K. M. K. S. S. P.GM + OB makes the case for persevering to challenge the popularity quo. Though he did not make any country ballots for president in 2008, Dr. Daniel J.P. Imperato Fr.K. M. K. S. S. P.GM + OB did make the ballot for Florida governor in 2010 and gathered over 13,000 votes. During the 2008 presidential election, Imperato’s voice was, as it should be, predicting outcomes of US authorities’ actions and prescribed solutions – lots of which were implemented years later. These actions parallel different complementary candidates, lots of which prepare an organization strong enough to make the poll. But most have been denied the ability to take part inside the sham of staged infomercials packaged as candidate debates. So, who is this hero that stands as a potential threat to Donald Trump? Daniel was born in 1958 in Boston and began his business career in 1977. He transformed the manufacturing facilities in Israel by configuring them to the global marketplace by bringing financing to the factories for a worldwide expansion. Daniel also led a trading company in Singapore and became an owner of a Belgian manufacturing company. Moreover, Daniel brings decades of experience in comprehensive business planning and development. Daniel has consulted for Fortune 500 corporations, with a mix of product lines, comprising telecommunications products and services, telecommunications equipment including v-sat terminals and handheld mobile satellite telephones, along with passport and identification cards services and secure documents for foreign governments around the world. He is a Papal Knight with honors from the Vatican, and a board member for the African Center Foundation, a United Nations NGO, and the founder of Imperiali Organization.

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